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It’s March 13th, 1934 and you just got word the First National Bank downtown just got robbed by seven gang members.  As they were trying to flee, their vehicle was struck in the crossfire and has broken down and needs to be repaired before they leave town. Even though they escaped from the bank we still believe they are in town trying to get their car fixed so they can leave. We need you to track down the gang before they escape with the $52,000 they stole. Use your detective skills to track down the hideout and bring them to justice.

Assemble your team of detectives

It’s believed that the gang had a backup plan just in case something didn’t go according to plan. We believe they left information behind while they were scoping out the bank. Assemble your team of detectives and track down the gang before they leave town.



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Historical PhotosMason City Public Library Historical Collection

Voice over / Audio – Joe Frye Voice Over