Each adventure will have its own unique set of rules and tools for completing the adventure. However, all games will play about the same. Use this page as a guide getting started. Also be sure to check out the Rules & Safety.

Getting Started

Play Styles

This game style does not have a time limit and lets you play at your own pace. This is perfect for people just getting started.

This style of gameplay has a set time limit. Typically the time limit is 45 – 60 minutes, but once the time runs out, the game is over. If you haven’t completed the adventure, you will need to make another attempt.

This style of gameplay puts your team up against another team. The first team to solve the whole adventure wins.

Playing the Game

Check the weather

Because these adventures can take place outside, make sure you check the weather before participating. Make sure you dress for the weather and timeframe. If the weather is fine when you start but becomes bad during the adventure, you will need to make sure you have a place to seek shelter. We do not recommend doing an adventure if there is a severe weather alert in the area.

Starting Location

Once the adventure has been started, you will either be told or given clues where to start.  Depending on how far you are from the location, you may want to have a form of reliable transportation.

When you get to your starting location, you will need to follow your adventures instructions about the clue(s) it wants you to unlock to continue.

Looking for clues

Once you’re at a location, you will need to start looking for clues based on the information you’ve been given. This may be a real-world object or it may require you to use the app to see the “code/clue.” Be on the lookout for things you may easily overlook.  Always be aware of your surroundings.

Unless specifically instructed to do so, you should never move/tamper with the objects in the real world. Most adventures take place on public property and are designed to be nonintrusive to the real world. See more in Rules & Safety

Changing Locations

If your adventure includes multiple locations, you will be guided to find your next location. If the distance is greater than what you’re comfortable walking, always make sure you have safe and reliable transportation.

Completing the Adventure

Once you’ve unlocked all the required puzzles and completed the adventure, you are done! Some adventures may have extra points and/or easter eggs you can unlock.

Sharing the Results

While it is against the rules to share the clues and details about the adventure, we 100% encourage you to share that you’ve completed the adventure and any time/score you got! Encourage your friends to try to beat your record.