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Bulk Purchasing

Interested in bulk purchasing?

Interested in purchasing an adventure for your team and/or customers in bulk? Our bulk pricing options make it easy. Each bulk purchase comes with a custom coupon code that allows you to offer your team and/or customers the option to complete an adventure for free. The bigger the package, the bigger the discount.

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Package 1

  • 30 Passes
  • 17% Savings
  • Custom Coupon Code

Package 2

  • 60 Passes
  • 17% Savings
  • Custom Coupon Code

Package 3

  • 130 Passes
  • 23% Savings
  • Custom Coupon Code

Package 4

  • 200 Passes
  • 25% Savings
  • Custom Coupon Code

Be a Location

Want to be a location?

If you’re interested in making your business part of the fun, you may want to consider being a location. The pricing will vary based on what you want to happen at your location as well as how well it fits into the adventure. Please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

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Private Adventure

Want your own adventure?

Whether for marketing or team building, we can help you bring your own adventure to life. Contact us for a free consultation to determine your needs and build a package for your business.

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Basic Standard Pro Custom
Platform Android / iOS Android / iOS Android / iOS Android / iOS
2D Object Tracking 1 -7 8 – 15 8 – 15 1 – 40
Paywall No No Yes * Yes *
Store Submission No No Yes Available
Physical Locations 1 1 – 2 ** 1 – 2 ** 1 – 4 **
First Year $3,000  $6,000  $9,000 Contact for Pricing
Licensing Renewal $1000/year  $1000/year  $1000/year

Note: Due to third-party plugin restrictions. License pricing is based off revenues $10 Million or less. If your revenue is greater than $10 Million, the licensing could change.

* = Payment gateway not included. We will build the connection points in the game to validate payment to your endpoint. We can host or build a payment gateway for you if you need it but that would come at a different price.

** = Multiple locations within a 15-mile radius included. Mileage costs $1.00/mile outside of that.

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